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How to End Mental Illness | Dr. Daniel Amen

How to End Mental Illness | Dr. Daniel Amen

There’s a certain stigma around mental illness, one that can, unfortunately, keep people from feeling empowered that they can change their brain health and get the care they truly need. But think about it—would we ever shame someone with cancer, autoimmunity, or dementia for needing help? Of course not. Unfortunately, the past methods of treating mental health disorders didn’t actually look at what was happening inside the brain. It was a guessing game based on symptoms without knowing the real cause, location, or severity of the imbalance. The good news is that now, with technology like brain scans, we can get a clear picture of what is happening in the brain to get real solutions. My guest on this week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, Dr. Daniel Amen, has been paving the way for a new type of psychiatry, looking at the actual brain and using an integrative approach to prevent disease and successfully treat it. The Washington Post called Dr. Daniel Amen the most popular psychiatrist in America and Discover Magazine listed his brain imaging research as the top neuroscience story for 2015. He is a double board-certified psychiatrist and ten-time New York Times bestselling author, with such blockbuster books as Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, Healing ADD, Memory Rescue, Change Your Brain, Change Your Grades, and The Daniel Plan, co-authored by Pastor Rick Warren and myself. In March 2020, his book The End of Mental Illness will be published (and I highly recommend it). This episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy is brought to you by ButcherBox. Now, through November 17, 2019, ButcherBox is offering its new customers a free, completely traceable from farm to fork, animal welfare certified turkey plus $20 off your first box. To take advantage of this special offer from ButcherBox just go to OR enter promo code FARMACY at checkout.
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We’ve seen it and dealt with it personally. Communities are overburdened and undereducated about mental health. The amount of need is outpacing the amount of help.

Trusted Sources is a early intervention solution organization, offering ongoing support and utilizing effective resources to preemptively address issues before they become crisis level!

Our goal is consolidate fragmented resources into a one-stop shop that allows students, parents, teachers, and many more to get connected to all available opportunities within their given area.

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