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About Us

Mission Statement: Trusted Sources is a collection of front-line mental health advocates who are dedicated to making a difference. We proactively engage communities by raising awareness, educating, equipping, and empowering. Our goal is critical: to connect families to trustworthy resources early in the intervention process so that they can heal and thrive.

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Todd Moran
Deputy Exectuive Director

Todd brings a wealth of experience to Trusted Sources, having served as the COO of his software business for 15 years. In 2020, he founded 180 Student Ministries with a remarkable vision. Their mission is to guide students towards a more fulfilling life by organizing engaging events that nurture their faith and character. Through life groups, they impart biblical principles of community, love, and personal growth. Alongside their dedicated community partners, 180 has developed programs to address addiction, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, and suicide. Prior to launching 180, Todd played a pivotal role in Browns Bridge Community Church’s InsideOut youth program, while also actively serving on various boards, including the Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce.

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Jennifer Moran
Event Coordinator

Jennifer possesses a wealth of experience in orchestrating events of diverse scales. Be it a gathering of 10 teenagers or an audience of 2,000, her meticulous attention to detail ensures that each occasion is imbued with a unique touch. Jennifer masterfully crafts unforgettable nights by curating event themes, ensuring delectable food, and making certain that both presenters and guests feel embraced and equipped throughout. Having managed corporate trade show appearances, Jennifer also contributes to the board of 180 Student Ministries, and has selflessly volunteered at the Girl Scouts, Browns Bridge Church, and Meals by Grace.


Jenis Sharp

Executive Director

Jenis is an unparalleled expert in forging community connections: be it by connecting clients to the right organizations or through her dedicated service on several influential boards, such as the Forsyth County Optimist Club and the Atlanta Metro YMCA. Jenis tirelessly works to bridge the gap between the community's needs and the organizations operating within it. Her consulting practice and student mentoring program have exposed her to the far-reaching effects of the mental health crisis on our community, inspiring her to assemble a formidable team of Trusted Sources. Together, they stand at the forefront of discovery, education, and early-stage interventions, shedding light on the issue and providing transformative services.

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Benjamin Crawshaw
Director of Community Outreach

Benjamin is a beacon of hope within his community. From leading his youth group on Sundays, and running his business (Content Fox) on Tuesdays, to addressing mental health in public schools on Wednesdays, he consistently emanates motivation and positivity. Moreover, his family and church also shine brightly, actively engaging with the foster care system in the North Georgia region. Benjamin's Dreambaby Movement unintentionally began when he shared his personal struggles with mental health, and it has since provided him with opportunities to inspire and foster healing among diverse audiences.

Advisory Board

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Denton Carter

Denton Carter Jr. is the Director of North Fulton FCA. Denton spent 20 years in the US Army and received bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Divinity and Christian Leadership from Liberty University. Denton has served as an associate pastor inteen, adult, and young adult ministries and has been a youth football coach for many seasons.
His passion for young people, sports, and his faith has allowed him the honor to serve in North Fulton to have a positive impact on student-athletes and coaches—Denton and his wife Alecia and their 4 children Aniya, Rodriquez, Deja, and Denton Jaiden.

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Hannah Moran

Hannah, a recent Summa Cum Laude graduate of Alpharetta High School, is currently pursuing a Marketing degree at Florida Atlantic University. With a strong passion for helping others, Hannah has dedicated her time to supporting those in need, particularly in the area of mental health. Through her involvement in the student worship team and her role in conducting mental health surveys via social media, Hannah has contributed to Trusted Sources' understanding of the current landscape for teens. Additionally, Hannah works with middle school lacrosse players, assisting them in achieving their fitness goals while providing valuable guidance through life's obstacles.


Trey Meadows

Trey comes to Trusted Sources after spending 2 years as the board chair for 180 Student Ministries. Trey has a background in Information Systems, and Software as a
Service solution and just recently joined the team at WalkMe that enables online businesses and service providers to increase conversion and improve service, while slashing the cost required to support their customers. Trey has spent over 12 years serving within various ministries at
Browns Bridge Community Church has a heart for young people and is an exceptional mentor, having also worked with FCA. Trey is a graduate of Auburn University and he and his wife Keely have 2 daughters Macy and Allie.

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Julia Flemming

Julia Fleming lives in Cumming, GA with her husband and six kids. As former foster parents, who ultimately adopted four children through foster care, they became aware of some of the gaps in the foster care system and the desperate need for increased community support. In 2012, they started The Way Home with the simple goal of meeting needs by raising awareness. Today, The Way Home exists to provide counseling services, holistic support, and tangible resources that are not reimbursed by the state or provided by other agencies. Julia graduated in 1996, with a degree in Christian Counseling and she is currently working on her Master’s degree. She is also a Trauma Sensitive Yoga instructor, certified in Creative Wellness, and a TBRI ® trained caregiver.  Julia is passionate about helping children who may not feel that they have a voice find their voice, feel validated, and function in a healthy way.

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Leah Finch

Leah Finch lives in Cumming, GA with her husband, Bill Finch.  They have two grown daughters and one grandson.  Leah has worked for the Forsyth County School System for 19 years. Having been at numerous schools in different parts of the county one thing remains the same, our children/young adults are suffering from all different kinds of mental health issues. Leah has seen firsthand the challenges that are being faced by our youth and how they continue to change. Having to deal with her own family’s mental health issues, she experienced the frustrations that parents can have when seeking care. 


Leah also sits on the Executive Board of Family Haven, a non-profit shelter for domestic violence victims.  She is excited to be part of the advisory council for Trusted Sources.  “It’s important to give back to your community.  We should all invest our time to serve others.”

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Dr. Angela Taylor Eccles

Dr. Angela Taylor-Eccles is an educational consultant who helps to solve the problem of rapid teacher resignations.  She provides turnaround strategies to superintendents and school leaders to halt "The Great Resignation" of teachers in America. During her time as a principal, she noticed teachers leaving the profession. She decided to be a part of the solution by creating her teacher sustainability and retention program to help the current state of education. She retired from public education in June 2021 to focus on helping teachers stay in the field of education.

Dr. Angela Taylor-Eccles has presented at several national ASCD conferences on best practices around differentiating instruction. She is a Nationally Board-Certified teacher who taught in K-12 and higher education for many years and a curriculum writer who wrote curricula for colleges and elementary schools.

Support Group Meeting

Our Focus

Trusted Sources is the only proactive mental health group where the youth are stake-holders in their own recovery and outcome. It’s also the only network where trustworthy mental health resources are vetted and filtered for adults who are seeking help for youth.

Our Vision

  • To host events, trainings, seminars, and workshops within both faith-based and secular communities. Our goal is to be a resource in the community when it comes to current teen mental health issues and solutions. We also want to be the only proactive mental health group that encourages the youth to be stakeholders in their own recovery and outcome.

  • To build an online portal that vets trustworthy, local, mental health resources. Our goal is for parents, students, or adult workers (like teachers, school counselors, student pastors, or foster care workers) to be able to search for professionals and programs nearby and add additional filters like time and insurance availability, cost, values and beliefs, area of expertise, etc.

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