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It’s time for communities to start healing and thriving.

´At Trusted Sources, we are united by our firsthand experiences with the profound challenges of teen despair, isolation, and loneliness. Our core mission is to harness the healing power of family restoration and deepen the connections in relationships — both parent-to-child and child-to-child. We believe in nurturing these bonds as a proactive measure to confront and overcome the trials the future may hold.


Our society faces an isolation and loneliness crisis, investing billions to fix broken individuals. However, prevention is key. Trusted Sources focuses on going "upstream" by empowering parents and teenagers to build strong, healthy relationships that deter these challenges before they become problematic. 

Seminars, events & community workshops


The authoritative source for up-to-date mental health issues and solutions.

Events/ gatherings

The mission is to create engaging events for teenagers, catering to both church and community organizations.

ongoing training

Empower parents, students, teachers, coaches, and more through proactive education initiatives.

Parent Support Groups

Groups designed to allow Mom's and Dad's to hear form other parents who have been through events.

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"I had a pretty good breakthrough with my son last night after the amazing event. It was great to hear from the teens about their perspective on "how" they want to connect with their parents. Keep up the good work and thanks again for introducing this group to my life!”


“We had such a wonderful experience with Trusted Sources, both in preparing for the recent events, as well as benefiting from the services and resources you all have provided our church family and community!  We're still hearing positive comments from students, parents, grandparents, etc. about how meaningful the sessions were.”

Giving a Speech


"Attending the Moms for Moms event was a delightful experience. The gourmet food prepared by the chef was a true treat, and the discussions about teen depression were both enlightening and relatable. I left with valuable tips on how to better connect with my child, and the abundance of resources and support offered made this event a game-changer for us moms. Thank you for an unforgettable evening"

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Even the greatest communities acknowledge that there is an isolation and loneliness crisis in our youth.

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and the Children’s Hospital Association have declared a national emergency in child and adolescent mental health, as reported by Harvard Health Publishing.

  • Urgent calls on national hotlines are on the rise every week, according to the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health.

  • Every month, 500 young individuals seek help for mental health issues, which is three times the number from three years ago, as disclosed by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

  • Individuals in need of assistance often give up before finding the help they seek. Alternatively, they settle for someone who may not be the right fit.

We continue to relentlessly pursue accurate and relevant information in order to stay on the frontline of current issues.

We want parents and their teen children, and underserved families to truly feel seen, heard, and understood!

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Given our experiences working with youth and other non-profits, holding positions within our respective organizations, and facing challenges within our own families, our team recognizes the significant issue of mental health with utmost seriousness.


Simultaneously, we comprehended the necessity to gain more specific insights from individuals who confront challenges head-on. Therefore, in the sole month of January 2023, we...


We conducted interviews and surveys with over 300 students, focusing on mental health.

Interviewed dozens of parents about their experiences with issues with our children and created support groups to work through these issues collectively. 


Collaborated with more than 40 pre-existing organizations in our local community.


Attended informative sessions by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Fulton County Behavioral Health, GA Department of Behavioral Health, John's Creek Department of Public Safety, and Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network.


Trusted Sources will continue to facilitate surveys, interviews, and group discussions with teenagers, serving as their advocate in identifying solutions. Alongside them, we will establish or utilize programs that tackle the underlying causes of anguish, despondency, addiction, and so forth. It is our conviction that the time has come to address the root causes, rather than merely dealing with the aftermath.

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